Tip of the day: How to tell why your app couldn’t log on to SQL Server

When you get a log in failure on SQL Server the message you get back from SQL Server Management Studio, or in a .NET Exception is vague for security. They don’t want to give away too much information just in case. For example, the exception message will be something like “Login failed for user ‘someUser’.” […]

Tip of the Day: A DateOnly function in SQL Server

It occurs to me that I’ve probably written several versions of this function in various installations on SQL Sever over the last 10+ years (10 years 2 months, 26 days – to be exact) since I started using SQL Server. I should really put it somewhere that I can refer to it easily and not […]

Tip of the day: Going quickly to an item in the Entity Model Diagram

After a conversation recently about how difficult it was to find stuff in the EDMX diagram because it can often be a right pigs breakfast, I stumbled across this today. In Visual Studio there is a Model Browser that is available when viewing the diagram. It appears in the same space as the solution explorer. […]

Tip of the day: Setting a default stylesheet for Chrome

I often type up HTML documents in a text editor and view them directly in my browser to review then. However I don’t like the default style, I don’t find it is very readable. It is too plain and dull. What I really want is to provide a style sheet that make the document styled […]

Tip of the day: When other things populate elements on web pages

I work in a web team of 6 developers and we have a diverse range of skills. Some are more skilled dealing with the front end, the UI, and working with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Others are better with the back end of things, the business logic and dealing with databases. However, there is an overlap. One […]

Tip-of-the-day: Columns in CSS

The CSS Multi-column layout module is a Candidate Recommendation that allows CSS to specify various aspects of column layout for page flow. It has some implementations in Chrome and FireFox but it does not work in IE yet. (I’ve not tested it on other browsers). Because of this you have to specify the Webkit and […]

Rewiring the users and logins in SQL Server

As a developer I find that I’m frequently backing up and restoring SQL Server databases between servers for development and testing purposes. However, each time I do the link between the login (a server concept) and the user (a per database concept) gets broken. There is a stored procedure in SQL Server to wire it […]

Setting the language on a iPad to UK English

Out of the box the iPad is configured to display in English. Sounds reasonable for an iPad bought in an English speaking region. And considering it was bought in the UK I would have assumed that the simple language moniker of “English” meant actual, well, English… as in the language from England, spoken in England, […]

Tip of the day: Expire a cookie, don’t remove it

I recently found a bug in my code that I couldn’t fathom initially until I walked through the HTTP headers in firebug. In short, you cannot simply remove a cookie by calling Remove(cookieName) on the HttpCookieCollection. That will have no effect. You have to expire the cookie in order for it to be removed. In […]

Tip of the day: Getting Visual Studio with TFS to work offline

Earlier to day our TFS server went down. Visual Studio likes to have a constant connection open to it, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Luckily, it is possible to work on a solution with no connection to TFS. If you were just starting some work… If Visual Studio was open when TFS went […]