DDD South West Parallelisation Talk Overview

Examples Here are all the examples from Saturday’s introductory talk on Parallelisation at DDD South West 2011. Starting tasks Parallel.Invoke example Parallel.For example Parallel.ForEach example Basic PLINQ example Tasks within Tasks example Data Management Independent Object Graphs example ConcurrentBag example ConcurrentDictionary example Stopping Tasks Error Handling with AggregateException example Cancelling Tasks example Slide Deck The […]

Parallelisation Talk examples – Cancelling Tasks

This example showed what happens when tasks are cancelled. In this example, some tasks will be able to run to completion, others will be cancelled and other won’t even get a chance to start because the cancellation token was signalled before the task gets a chance to start. Here is the code for the cancellation […]

Feedback from my DDD Scotland Talk on Parallisation

I got my feedback from my DDD Scotland 2011 talk on Parallelisation. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I guess I was being a little too self critical and the talk went over a lot better than I thought it had. Some of the highlights: Good clear samples and demos. Enthusiastic speaker who really knew his […]