DunDDD 2014: Introduction to Node.js–From Hello World to Deploying on Azure

Thank you for those that came to my talk. As promised here are the slides, code, and links given in the talk. Slides and Code The slide deck is available as a PDF file. Hello World (zip – 4.82kb) File Dependencies (zip – 6.91kb) Node Package Manager (zip – 22.86mb) Express Hello World (zip – […]

SQL Injection Attacks – DunDDD 2012

Examples The examples were run against a copy of the Adventure Works database. Basic Demo (ASP.NET MVC / C# / Visual Studio 2010) Second Order Demo (WinForms / C’# / Visual Studio 2010) Required Tables For the Second Order Demo you need the following table added to the Adventure Works database: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[FavouriteSearch]( [id] […]