Integrating Exceptioneer with OpenRasta

[NOTE: This post was created using OpenRasta 2.0 RC (rev 429)] One service I’ve found to be increasingly useful is Exceptioneer by Pixel Programming. As I’m about to start a new project using OpenRasta I wanted to be able to use Exceptioneer with it in order that I can log any exceptions effectively. For a […]

My First OpenRasta Project – Part 2 (Resource Templates)

To get started see part 1. For this part the Invoice class has been expanded to include another property, you’ll see why in a moment. For now, it now looks like this: public class Invoice { public string Reference { get; set; } public DateTime Date { get; set; } } Up to this point […]

My First OpenRasta Project – Part 1

On the OpenRasta Wiki there are some instructions on getting your project up and running the manual way, should you so wish. One of the new features introduced at the last beta was a Visual Studio 2008 project template, which installs as part of the binary distribution. Once installed you can create an OpenRasta project […]