Really getting the latest changes with TFS

TFS Source Control doesn’t always get the latest changes. It gets what it thinks are the latest changes (and for the most part it gets it right if you work exclusively in Visual Studio). However, there are times when it gets it wrong and you have to force its hand a little. So, if you […]

How to recover deleted files, folders and branches in TFS

In Visual Studio go to the menu item Tools–>Options… Then navigate to the Source Control –> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server section. In that section is a check box that says “Show deleted items in the Source Control Explorer” Once you’ve ensured that the checkbox is checked, press “OK” Then navigate to the Source Control […]

Linking Perforce Merge to Git

Git’s built in Merge conflict resolution is awful. Although all the information is there it is difficult to use for all but the simplest of conflicts. Luckily, it is relatively easy to wire up a third party diff and merge tools to help. Setting up as a diff tool. You can download the Perforce Visual Merge Tool […]

Getting Tortoise Git to work with GitHub repositories

In this post I’ll walk you through installing Tortoise Git in a way that allows it to interact easily with GitHub repositories. Download msysgit First off download msysgit, a prerequisite for running Tortoise Git. (A the time of writing this was v1.8.3). For the installation, I mostly accepted all the default options. The only change […]

Tip of the day: Getting Visual Studio with TFS to work offline

Earlier to day our TFS server went down. Visual Studio likes to have a constant connection open to it, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Luckily, it is possible to work on a solution with no connection to TFS. If you were just starting some work… If Visual Studio was open when TFS went […]