But why is the iterator operating in multiple-threads

Background Recently, I had a bit of a problem with NHibernate when I was converting some code into parallel tasks. (If you have no interest in NHibernate, then don’t worry – it is just background to the issue I was having when I spotted this gulf between my expectation and reality. NHibernate is incidental to […]

Task status state changes

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve blogged a lot about the Task Parallel Library and mentioned a number of statuses that a task can have, but nowhere is a nice handy-dandy chart to show what those statuses are and how the transition from one to another. The green status show the […]

Tasks that create more work

I’m creating a program that parses a web page then follows the links and then parses the next set of web pages to eventually build a picture of an entire site. This means that as the program runs more work is being generated and more tasks can be launched to process each new page as […]