ReSharper test runner still going after tests complete

I’ve been writing some tests and I got this message: [RIDER LOGO] Unit Test Runner The process ReSharperTestRunner64:26252 has finished running tests assigned to it, but is still running. Possible reasons are incorrect asynchronous code or lengthy test resource disposal. If test cleanup is expected to be slow, please extend the wait timout in the […]

Tip of the Day #11 (iMicros)

iMicros is a plug in for FireFox that lets you automate repetitive tasks. This is a fantastic tool for anyone that develops websites as the flow through the site can be recorded and played back quickly and repeatedly. It reduces tester error by taking the mundane parts out of performing user tests. It can also […]

Test Driven Development By Example

Introduction A lot has been written on the subject of test driven development, and especially on the idea that tests ought to be written first. This is an ideal that I strive for, however, I have a tendency to write the unit tests afterwards. Some people learn better by example. This article, rather than going […]