Browser wars

Every so often I update my chart of the technologies people use to view my blog. The last time was back in October last year, and the chart as it looks now is very interesting. The three major browsers (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Chrome) are now converging at around 30% share each. Other browsers such as Opera and Safari don’t get much of a look in. However, it does look like I’ll shortly have to start noting down one or two mobile browsers distinctly. Currently mobile browsers are all lumped into the “Other” category.

Meanwhile, on the operating system front Windows XP continues to slowly ebb away. However, the fact that 30% of the visits to my blog are from a Windows XP machine is still painful to see. Vista users are also dying away and are down to about 6% now. At its current rate of decline there will be more Mac users visiting my blog by the turn of the year.

Google Analytics also has a facility to record page load times, however it is currently only reporting from Internet Explorer and Chrome at the moment. That coupled with only 3 months of data so far doesn’t make for very interesting trend watching. However, in a future update I’m sure I’ll add page load times.

Tip of the day #10 (XP Pro IIS Admin)

If you are in the same situation as me where you have to develop web applications on Windows XP and have many projects on the go and for what ever reason cannot just stick each into its own virtual directory then XP Pro IIS Admin is the tool that you need.

What it does is allow you to create multiple web sites in Windows XP (as it only permits one web site) and gives you a little interface for easily switching between them. This makes it much easier to work on multiple projects, especially when the projects expect to be sitting at the top of a website, rather than stuck away in some virtual directory somewhere.