Authenticating Across Virtual Directories

If you have an application set up in a way similar to the previous post, which is essentially a domain that contains a number of web application hosted in various virtual directories on the server. In my previous example, the root of the domain contains the application that contains the account management (the sign in, […]

Setting up a website that uses multiple projects

I’m looking at the possibility of restructuring some of our applications to unify them under one brand and one site. Currently our applications are on different sub-domains of our main domain and we’d like to bring all that under one roof so our application can be something like and that’s it. To that end […]

IDisposable objects with StructureMap and ASP.NET MVC 4

I’ve recently discovered a bit of an issue with running an IoC container with ASP.NET MVC’s IDependencyResolver. If you have a controller that has dependencies on things that implement IDisposable then the dispose method was not being called. Apparently, if the controller itself is disposable then MVC will clean that up and that can obviously […]

Getting umbraco up and running in with MVC 4

In this post, I’ll look at getting Umbraco and MVC to play nice with each other in the same project. Installing Umbraco 4.8 First off create a Web Application project in Visual Studio. For this example, I’m just going to create the project as “UmbMvc”. Once Visual Studio has created the project, delete most of […]