Rant of the day: Learn to frickin' count!

I was in a shop recently and I bought 6 items at £5 each. A total price of £30, even I can manage that mental arithmetic without resorting to a calculator. However, the till decided that the total price was £30.01. For a penny I really can’t be bothered to argue, but it got me […]

Then and Now

  Recently a post was put up on Code Project that was basically a direct copy of a homework assignment. I don’t answer questions for people’s homework. I have enough trouble trying to hire a good developer as it is without contributing to another generation of useless code monkeys. Anyway, the question was in two […]

Why is it so hard to hire good software developers?

Why is it so hard to hire good software developers? That is the question I’ve been asking myself recently. The company I work for is currently looking for two software developers and it is incredibly disheartening to see the quality of candidates. First off the quality of the CVs. We’ve taken a two pronged approach […]