Where's My Data? An introduction to Spatial Queries in SQL Server 2008

The slide deck used for my presentations to the Scottish SQL Server UG on 13/Feb/2008, the North-East Scotland .NET User Group on 20/Feb/2008, VBUG Manchester on 24/July/2008, and SQL Bits III on 13/Sept/2008. There is also a set of demo code to go along with the slide deck variants. Further information The following blog posts […]

Spatial References in SQL Server 2008

In SQL Server 2008, each piece of spatial data must be tagged with an SRID (Spatial Reference Identifier). Geometry types can have a SRID of 0 (which means undefined) but geographies must have a defined SRID. By default geography types use an SRID of 4326 which equates to WGS84. Spatial operations can only occur between […]

Spatial Operations in SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) – Union and Convex Hull

CODE EXAMPLES IN THIS POST WORK WITH THE NOVEMBER 2007 CTP (CTP 5) OF SQL SERVER 2008. Say you would like to create a polygon out of a group of points. One way of doing this is to union the points together then create a convex hull from those points. A convex hull is a […]

Inserting geometry through a .NET Application

THIS POST REFERS TO THE NOVEMBER 2007 CTP (CTP 5) OF SQL SERVER 2008 Following from my previous posts (Getting started with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008, Spatial Data in a .NET application) on the new spatial features of SQL Server 2008 I’ve been looking at how to get spatial data into SQL Server […]

Getting started with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008

THIS POST REFERS TO THE NOVEMBER 2007 CTP (CTP 5) OF SQL SERVER 2008 This post is probably going to be a wee bit random. After the running around over the last couple of weeks with the MSDN event (Sharepoint for Developers) in Edinburgh, trying to get the Developer Day Scotland website up, an invite […]