Xander.PasswordValidator – WordListRegExBuilder

When word lists are processed a regular expression is built in order to quickly traverse the lists. The regular expression is built using a number of builders which create various parts of the regular expression. One for checking the password itself, and another for testing the password against the list but modified by adding a […]

Xander.PasswordValidatator – Validation Handlers

If the password validator does not have the validation rules that you need for your project then it is easily extendable. You can create your own ValidationHander derived classes and set add them via the PasswordValdiationSettings class. ValidationHandler The ValidationHandler class is an abstract base class which is extended in the Xander.PasswordValidator framework itself to […]

Xander.PasswordValidator – The config file

Earlier in this series I introduced the config file, but I didn’t say much about it other that show an example. In this post I’ll go in to more detail. Defining the config section To define the section: <configSections><!– Set up other config sections here—>   <sectionGroup name="passwordValidation">      <section name="rules" type="Xander.PasswordValidator.Config.PasswordValidationSection, Xander.PasswordValidator, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fe72000dffcf195f" allowLocation="true" […]

Xander.PasswordValidator – In a Web Application

In the last post I introduced Xander.PasswordValidator and showed the basics of how to configure it. In this post I’m going to show the PasswordValidationAttribute and how you can use it in your ASP.NET MVC application. PasswordValidation attribute At its simplest, all you need to do is to decorate a property in your model with […]

Xander.PasswordValidator – A Simple Demonstration

I recently introduced the Xander.PasswordValidator project I’m working on in a previous blog post. In this post I intend to demonstrate some of the basics of how to use it. Validator At the most core is the Validator class. It performs the validation of the password and returns a value to the caller to let […]


I was looking for a way to validate passwords for an upcoming project because we need to do that better than we are, so I was looking for some .NET library to do that. Unfortunately, Google only turned up a ton of regular expressions which is all fine an well, but it wasn’t really what […]

Integrating Exceptioneer with OpenRasta

[NOTE: This post was created using OpenRasta 2.0 RC (rev 429)] One service I’ve found to be increasingly useful is Exceptioneer by Pixel Programming. As I’m about to start a new project using OpenRasta I wanted to be able to use Exceptioneer with it in order that I can log any exceptions effectively. For a […]

My First OpenRasta Project – Part 1

On the OpenRasta Wiki there are some instructions on getting your project up and running the manual way, should you so wish. One of the new features introduced at the last beta was a Visual Studio 2008 project template, which installs as part of the binary distribution. Once installed you can create an OpenRasta project […]

Using a different map server with the Virtual Earth ASP.NET controls.

This uses the July 2008 CTP of the Windows Live tools. You can download the Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio. One of the interesting features of Virtual Earth is that it doesn’t have to use the maps provided by Microsoft. You can set it up to point to another tile server so that you […]