SQL Injection Attacks – DunDDD 2012

Examples The examples were run against a copy of the Adventure Works database. Basic Demo (ASP.NET MVC / C# / Visual Studio 2010) Second Order Demo (WinForms / C’# / Visual Studio 2010) Required Tables For the Second Order Demo you need the following table added to the Adventure Works database: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[FavouriteSearch]( [id] […]

Feedback from my DDD Scotland Talk on Parallisation

I got my feedback from my DDD Scotland 2011 talk on Parallelisation. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I guess I was being a little too self critical and the talk went over a lot better than I thought it had. Some of the highlights: Good clear samples and demos. Enthusiastic speaker who really knew his […]

DDD Scotland Parallelisation Talk Overview

Follow Up I was asked a question during the talk I wasn’t immediately able to answer which I’ve now found the definite answer. What happens to parallel tasks running in the background when the application exits? Examples Here are all the examples from Saturday’s introductory talk on Parallelisation at DDD Scotland 2011. Starting tasks Parallel.Invoke […]

Agenda for DDD Scotland 2010

We have finally got all the speakers confirmed and the agenda sorted out for DDD Scotland 2010. Subject to any last minute changes this is is: Time Room A (80) Room B (40) Room C (40) Room D (40) 08:45-09:20 Registration 09:20-09:30 Housekeeping 09:30-10:30 HTML 5: The Language of the Cloud (Craig Nicol) Contractual Obligations: […]

Event Organisation – The Feedback

This is the first post in a series of random thoughts on community events that I’m writing based on my experience running a user group and the Developer Day Scotland conference. In this post I’ll concentrate on receiving feedback. Photo by Craig Murphy   First, I should like to concentrate on the management of feedback. […]

Developer Day Scotland – The scores on the doors

Developer Day Scotland was last weekend and went very well. I’ve just finished collating all the speaker feedback and I’ve sent each speaker their feedback information (all anonymised). We had excellent speakers and I want to recognise the best speakers that we had on the day. Was the session as expected? Third place: Ben Hall […]

How does the voting work for Developer Day Scotland

Developer Day Scotland is a BY the community FOR the community conference based on the Developer Developer Developer! community conference. We accept sessions from the community on any aspect of software development. When the call for speakers closes we go in to a voting phase. At the end of the voting phase we tally the […]