Rant: I'm so frustrated I can't even think of a title!!!

  My copy of IT Now, the magazine of the British Computer Society arrived earlier this week. I’ve only just got around to reading it. Their careers section got me thinking. There is a link to http://www.jobstats.co.uk in there and I had a little look around. According to that site roughly 10% of all IT […]

Hiring WTFs

Worst than Failure has a few of tales of disasterous candidates: 5 years C-pound experience We’ll be in touch maybe You get what you asked for And it has tales of weird interviews The interview from hell Interview by proxy You, Jeepies Steve got lost Tales from the Interview More Tales from the Interview  

Why is it so hard to hire good software developers?

Why is it so hard to hire good software developers? That is the question I’ve been asking myself recently. The company I work for is currently looking for two software developers and it is incredibly disheartening to see the quality of candidates. First off the quality of the CVs. We’ve taken a two pronged approach […]