Feedback from my DDD Scotland Talk on Parallisation

I got my feedback from my DDD Scotland 2011 talk on Parallelisation. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I guess I was being a little too self critical and the talk went over a lot better than I thought it had. Some of the highlights: Good clear samples and demos. Enthusiastic speaker who really knew his […]

Parallelisation Talk Examples – ConcurrentDictionary

The example used in the talk was one I had already blogged about. The original blog entry the example was based upon is here: Parallelisation in .NET 4.0 – The ConcurrentDictionary. Code Example class Program { private static ConcurrentDictionary<string, int> wordCounts = new ConcurrentDictionary<string, int>(); static void Main(string[] args) { string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines("grimms-fairy-tales.txt"); Parallel.ForEach(lines, […]

Tasks that create more work

I’m creating a program that parses a web page then follows the links and then parses the next set of web pages to eventually build a picture of an entire site. This means that as the program runs more work is being generated and more tasks can be launched to process each new page as […]

Parallelisation in .NET 4.0 – The concurrent dictionary

One thing that I was always conscious of when developing concurrent code was that shared state is very difficult to deal with. It still is difficult to deal with, however the Parallel extensions have some things to help deal with shared information better and one of them is the subject of this post. The ConcurrentDictionary […]