Parallelisation Talk examples – Cancelling Tasks

This example showed what happens when tasks are cancelled. In this example, some tasks will be able to run to completion, others will be cancelled and other won’t even get a chance to start because the cancellation token was signalled before the task gets a chance to start. Here is the code for the cancellation […]

Task status state changes

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve blogged a lot about the Task Parallel Library and mentioned a number of statuses that a task can have, but nowhere is a nice handy-dandy chart to show what those statuses are and how the transition from one to another. The green status show the […]

Cancelling parallel tasks

UPDATE (7-June-2011): The post as it originally appeared had a bug in the code, the catch block in the task caught the wrong exception type. See the Gotcha section at the end for an explanation on why there are two types of exception for this. I think, to date, I’ve mentioned most of the task […]