Customised Google Search

I’ve been playing around with Google‘s customised search recently. It is great, I can create a filter on Google that means that, for the majority of the time, I get the results that I want. The majority of the time I search MSDN, Code Project, my own website and my blog.

  • MSDN is the main documentation for all of Microsoft‘s developer tools. It contains nearly everything I want to know.
  • Code Project fills in the gaps with examples of how to do certain things
  • My own website and blog are included because I often write things down so I don’t forget… Then I forget, so I have to find it again. It is much easier searching my own blog for something than it is to search the wide internet.

I’m sure I’ll be adding sites to the filter as I go along. The Microsoft DPEs’ blogs are likely to be added shortly as will a number of other blogs that I read regularly. All will be developer focused so if you want to use my custom search you can be assured that you won’t end up getting crazy results back about cute kittens.

Finally, if you want to use my custom search, just click this link:


NOTE: This blog entry was rescued from the Google Cache. It was originally dated Wednesday, 9th May, 2007.

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