Got Vista Installed

I’ve finally installed Vista on my PC! It wasn’t a trouble free installation though.

IT is always good to have a clean out of old stuff from time to time, so I took this opporunity to blow away the cobwebs of my old XP installation so during the installation I reformatted the partition where my XP installation was and started everything from scratch.

Unfortunately the installation only got so far before it just quit.  Basically, the installation has to reboot a few times during the install and on the first reboot it got itself into a bit of a fankle and just quit. When I tried to reboot again it gave me the option of booting into safe mode. So, I tried that and it said that it couldn’t continue the installation in safe mode.

A friend of mine , John Thomson, runs Roundtrip Solutions (an IT support company) and I emailed him just in case he’d heard anything about this. After checking the usual things (I have an ATI Radeon 9700 PRO graphics card) he suggested that my second monitor might be confusing it and that I should unplug it for the installation. So, I did that and the installation got further than before.

My next problem was that it obviously checks the capabilities of the hardware and sent a signal to my monitor (a Philips Brilliance 200W) that the monitor couldn’t cope with. The monitor detects this and puts up a wee message to say that it can’t cope with the signal and what its display capabilities are. Unfortunately it doesn’t remove the message once the signal has been corrected. I thought that the installation had messed up again.

So, a new attempt at installation was made, but this time I’d discovered that I have to “reboot” the monitor, so to speak. When the invalid signal came through I turned the monitor off and waited a few seconds before turning it on again. It came back to live and the installation continued without any more problems.

Once installation had completed I plugged the second monitor in again and extended the desktop to it. It works fine now. I’ve got the fireworks at the end of a winning game of Mahjong playing on the second monitor, Media Player playing my CD collection (which took about 30 seconds to reimport from my second hard disk). Shortly I’ll be installing Visual Studio and Office – Then we’ll see just how much stuff this can cope with at once. While I was running Windows XP it was typical for me to have a dozen web pages open, an Office application or two, Visual Studio 2005, Media Player, countless explorer windows and goodness knows what else running.


NOTE: This entry was resued from the Google Cache. The original date was Saturday, 14th April, 2007

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