To Blog or Not To Blog

The BBC has an article about companies letting their staff blog, or not, entitled Companies urged: “Let your staff blog”.

Personally, I don’t blog about the place where I work. I rarely mention it at all. On the odd occasion where I have mentioned work situations it has always been well in the past and always been as anonymous as I can make it. It is possible that a person who was there will recognise the situation, but no one else.

The bottom line is that I don’t know where I’d be if the company I work for banned blogging. I mostly blog about software development and events that I am organising or going to, so it isn’t something that would really impact the company I currently work for anyway.

NOTE: This was rescued from the Google Cache. The original date was Sunday, 8th April, 2007

Original comments:

Yeah, same here. IMHO, it’s sort of an obvious choice – if talking about sensitive internal topics is forbidden, surely blogging about them is as well!

4/8/2007 9:08 PM | Shog9


I work for a company that is growing quickly, and is in the public eye.
If I were to blog something positive about it, there would be multiple people who will come along and complain about their bad experience.
Even if satisfied customers outnumber the disgruntled ones by 10:1, the disgruntled ones will blog about it 5:1 over the satisfied customers.
Therefore, the company has a very strict policy not to blog about the company — even with wonderful, positive comments. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

4/10/2007 5:13 PM | LJ


Well, I’m happy to live with the restriction about not blogging about the company while I’m employed by them. But it it were banned outright, even about Scottish Developer events I’m organising or some new fascinating feature in Orcas then I’d be really upset.

4/10/2007 6:03 PM | Colin Angus Mackay

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