DDD4 and Grok Talk

Well, I’m back from DDD4 (Developer Day 4) in Reading. It was a fabulous day with some very intersting speakers. I particularly enjoyed Daniel Fisher’s presentation on Data Access Layers and Ben Lamb’s session on “How to write crap C# code”. Joanna Carter also gave a very interesting presentation on reflection performance – her solution was curious and I’ll have to follow it up although I would probably put it into the unorthodox category as I would never have thought of using lightweight code generation to generate some IL then execute it in order to compensate for some speed problems with creating an object through reflection.

I also did a 10 minute Grok Talk on the subject of Mock Objects. I’m in the process of putting this up on my website and it will be available at some point in the next few hours.

I’m also in the process of putting together some photos of the event. You can see them here. More photos will get added shortly.

NOTE: This post was rescued from the Google Cache. The original date was Monday, 4th December, 2006.

Additional note: The Grok Talk presentation on Mock Objects is available.


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