PayPal Sucks (in my opinion)

I just got a friendly reminder from Flickr that my account is up for renewal. Okay, I’ll just do that now, while I remember. So it takes me to PayPal for payment. I’ve not used my PayPal account for about a couple of years so I couldn’t remember my log in details. No matter what I tried for the password recovery it wouldn’t give me the information. I tried just about every email address I’ve ever had and it just sits there and says that its sent an email to that account – no it hasn’t!

So then I try a different tactic and just pretend I don’t have a paypal account and just pay with my credit card. No can do! My credit card is tied to a paypal account I can’t access and it won’t let me pay until I log in.

So, unless Flikr accept any other form of payment then my account will expire in two weeks and I’ll be looking for somewhere else to post my photographs.

Looking at this from an optimistic point of view, I should be thankful that the security should deter any would-be phisherman. It’s so secure even the account owner can’t access it!

NOTE: This entry was rescued from the Google Cache. The original date was Tuesday, 6th February, 2007.

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