Downloading from Oracle

I’m currently downloading Oracle Database 10g Express Edition and I just got the oddest email from Oracle themselves. In order to download the product, I had to register on their website. There were the usual set of check boxes for various newsletters that may interest me. I ensured they were all blank. And I signed up. I’m currently downloading the 157Mb download and then my email pops up to tell me I’ve got a message. It was Oracle to tell me:

We have received a request to unsubscribe the following e-mail address, 
XXXXXXXXXXX@YAHOO.CO.UK, from Oracle e-mail communications and
subscriptions. If you did not request to be removed or do not wish to unsubscribe please
click here to update your communication preferences.* *Please note, as an Oracle customer or Partner you may continue to receive e-mail communications containing business critical information.

I don’t remember signing up for anything. But I’m pretty pleased that I’m unsubscribed from the newsletters I don’t remember signing up for.

I suspect Oracle really need to do a check before sending this email out to see if the person is actually subscribed to anything in the first place. And if not, then don’t bother with this email.

NOTE: This was rescued from the Google Cache. The original date was Saturday, 13th May 2006.


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