DDD5 – quick report

Well, DDD5 was earlier today. It was a great day with lots of really interesting talks. So far this has been by far my favourite DDD. The first session was my own. I did a presentation on an Introduction to Unit Testing with Mock Objects.

By far the best speaker of the sessions that I attended was Gary Short who talked about Agile in ISV Vs Enterprise. It was informative, funny and entertaining. In short (no pun intended) Gary brought humour to an otherwise dry subject. This was especially needed as his audience would otherwise have been dozing off after their lunch. I am definitely going to try and get him to repeat that talk in Glasgow sometime.

Afterwards was the Geek Dinner. This was held in a restaurant at the side of the River Thames. The location was wonderful, the company brilliant. The weather wasn’t either – it was bucketting down. Also disappointing was the food, or lack thereof. What I got was in no way worth £16 per head, both myself and John had to go to McDonald’s afterwards to “top up”. It was fantastic to try a different venue after going to Pizza Express the last few times, but this one didn’t work out in my opinion.

Over all a great day made better by a fantastic community


  1. Gary Short says:

    Hey Colin, thanks for the kind words! Your talk was very informative too, especially as I’m just about to start using mox at work – now I’m ahead of the game. Thanks mate!

  2. Craig Murphy says:

    Glad you enjoyed the day. I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy the food – we’ll do better next time. Thanks for the feedback. Even if there had been plenty of food, Mr T would have dragged into a buger chain anyway!

  3. The food itself wasn’t bad. It was just the lack of it.

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