More Sony Rootkit mayhem

A couple of years ago I blogged about a badly written Rootkit Sony were using to hide DRM software that hackers managed to abuse to hide their malware. And after that debacle you would have thought Sony would have learnt their lesson. But no… They’re at it again it seems.

After that bit of absurdity I decided to boycott Sony products and I managed to go all the way until a couple of months ago when I got a new phone (and it was mostly because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the brand and more to the feature set). Looks like I’ll be boycotting them again – which is a pity for them as I was looking at buying a new PVR DVD Recorder and of the ones I’ve looked at so far Sony had the only one with all the features that I wanted. Looks like I’ll just have to keep looking.

You can find out more from this article on Deja vu all over again: Sony uses Rootkits, charges F-Secure.


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  1. This isn’t quite the same but it does show Sony’s lack of understanding around security!!!Was never a fan of Sony kit full stop. Always thought it was overrated and poor value for money.

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