Why not to sign up with Quechup

There isn’t a lot that I can say about this that hasn’t already been said countless times before. It you search for quechup on the ‘net you’ll find hundreds of people complaining about it.

However, I’d never even heard of it until this morning when I received an email from Simon Harriyott. It said:

Simon Harriyott (**email address**)
has invited you as a friend on Quechup…
…the social networking platform sweeping the globe

And in the small print:

You received this because Simon Harriyott (**email address**) knows and agreed to invite you. You will only receive one invite from **email address**. Quechup will not spam or sell your email address

 Except Simon didn’t invite me, the sign up process seems to spam your contacts list.

So, hopefully you will see this before you receive an invite from someone and accidentally spam your contact list.

 Simon also has a blog entry on the subject if you want to read more on how bad Quechup are.



  1. Julie says:

    please put me sign up for quechup

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