Video promoting UK Community Events for Developers
Video: UK Developer Community



Dot Net Dev Net
Scottish Developers
Sharepoint User Group UK
Geek Dinners
MS Web Dev
Agile Scotland
Next Generation User Group… NxtGenUG
Mobile Mondays

Guy Smith-Ferrier: So the UK community has a number of events. We’ve got WebDD, SQL DD, and the one that started it all is DDD.

Audience: Developer! Developer! Developer!

Dave McMahon: The usergroup community in the UK has got a great collaboration story. We have speakers from one user group, and organisers from one user group, speaking at different user groups all round the country. We’ve guys travelling from Newcastle down to Birmingham. We’ve guys travelling from London all the way up to Newcastle. It’s an exciting time to be here in the UK in the user group community.

Guy Smith-Ferrier: The grok talks in the lunch time sessions, we’ve got five or six grok talks. And not only are people excited to get up and have a go and do their bit wherever that may lead to next time, people want to see it as well. It’s interesting stuff.

Richard Costall: There has just never been a better time to be part of Microsoft and the developer community.

Craig Murphy: Microsoft are a great supporter of events here in the UK community.

Guy Smith-Ferrier: There are over 30 user groups in the UK

Sarah Blow: Between us, we all have a lot of user groups here in the UK.

Phil Winstanley: The online and offline world are both very active here in the UK community. We’ve got online forums. We’ve got user groups. We’ve got all manner of things all supported by MVPs, influencers and academics.

Sarah Blow: Microsoft are doing a great job of supporting women in technology and I’d love them to carry on. I really want them to keep doing this. They are key to getting more females in to the technology industry. Keep doing the good work.

Phil Winstanley: The power of the UK community is apparent in the way that it can pull in big name speakers purely with the view of the community itself. People like Scott Gurthie come over purely because the community ask them to.

Zi Makki: We’ve been working on the Grok talks and Park Bench lunchtime activities, which are on in about an hour, so I’m getting a little bit nervous at the moment.

Craig Murphy: I have to say that if it wasn’t for Microsoft’s support for the user groups within the country, they would not be as successful as they are today.

If this looks exciting, get in the thick of the action by attending Developer Developer Developer 6 (DDD6) on the 24th November!


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