Sessions submitted for DDD6

I’ve submitted three session ideas for Developer Day 6 in Reading. A 60 minute session on recruitment (which has been a recent theme on my blog and other places), a grok talk on taking the panic out of the presentation and a micro presentation on SQL Injection Attacks.

I guess I’m looking forward to the micro-presentation most because it is such an interesting format. 20 slides of 20 seconds each. I’m basing the topic on a presentation I did a couple of years ago as I still see lots of questions on SQL in forums where the original code is susceptible to attack.

The grok talk, “Take the Panic out of the Presentation”, it to encourage people to get up and talk at community events by letting them know how to get over their anxiety of public speaking – It isn’t as hard as it sounds.

The presentation that I’m doing really isn’t a presentation. I’m chairing a discussion on the subject of recruitment. There will be four panellists from across the UK and from different types of company so hopefully it should be a lively discussion as there is a lot of opinion out there about interview skills, what should go on a CV, technical testing and so on. The questions will be supplied by the audience in advance so that I can figure out what is most popular and devote time to these things. The audience will be able to interact as well and be able to offer their opinion too.

Of course, these sessions have to be voted in first.


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