DDD6 Full… Already!!!

Registration opened yesterday for ~350 people + a wait list. It DDD has broken records again by being booked up in about 1 day!!!

I didn’t believe it so I went to the registration site and sure enough it says that it is accepting registrations to the wait list only.

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  1. DDD6 might have broken its own record but it isn’t the fastest selling event I ever attended. Once went to a security event in London that was full in less than four hours! On that occasion I had to pull strings to get myself in the door. On the day there was only a few spare seats so drop out must have been really low.I believe DDDn will eventually beat this record!!! It will get to the point where the persons who can click on the announcement link will be the only ones getting to go.

  2. Gary Short says:

    Maybe we need a bigger venue?

  3. Ben Hall says:

    Wow! That is amazing! Hopefully it won’t get to the point where it’s invite only……

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