To much to do, not enough time to blog about it!

I’ve not posted any blog entries because I’ve been working on some things that I’m hoping will benefit a lot of people.

Right now I’m installing SQL Server 2008 CTP 5 (November 2007) in a virtual machine. Earlier today I downloaded the RTM of Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite and I’ll be installing that on my desktop PC shortly.

So, what have I been working on? Mainly something that is going to get announced at DDD6 if I can hold back my enthusiasm. It is going to be good and I’m really excited.

I’ve still got some preparation to do before DDD6 for my session on Recruitment. Although not as much as other speakers as most of my session will be impromptu and I’ll just be going with the flow (so long as it isn’t flowing over too many rapids).

Scottish Developers have also been active. Last week we had a double bill in conjunction with the Scottish SQL Server User Group with an Introduction to Reporting Services by Frank Kerrigan and SMO by Steve Phillips. One bit of feedback we will be taking into account is not having two main presentations back to back. Although everyone appreciated the content given many people also commented that there just wasn’t enough time for both subjects to be covered well. So, rather than trying to cram as much as possible in, we will be returning to one main speaker for future evening events.

Frank’s Introduction to Reporting Services slide deck is available on Scottish Developers, as is Steve’s SQL Server Managed Objects slide deck and source code. (Note: you will have to register, for FREE, in order to download the information)

We also managed to give away a lot of swag. Everyone got a SQL Server fleece, which was absolutely perfect for a cold November and one lucky person won a complete set of “Inside SQL Server 2005” books worth nearly £100.

So, what does Scottish Developers have lined up for next year. Well, I don’t really know – I’ve not got anything firmed up yet, but the feedback we’ve been getting from events consistently puts “Patterns and Practices” as the number one item people want to see talks about. So, in this regard, Gary Short has agreed to make the trek from Dundee again to talk about his favourite patterns (which he will be doing at DDD6) or the web client software factory (a repeat of the talk he did at the VBUG conference) or possibly even something else patterns and practices related. I’ll also be keeping a look out for any other talks in the area of patterns and practices.

We have some close ties to the Scottish SQL Server User Group so no doubt there will be a SQL Server talk on the agenda at some point – I’ll even be weighing in on this front as I am very keen on all the new spatial querying that is going to be available in SQL Server 2008.

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