My Favourite Patterns by Gary Short

Glasgow Caledonian University
Glasgow Caledonian University

Top speaker Gary Short presents his favourite patterns. If you missed this highly acclaimed presentation at DDD then this is your chance to see it. Gary has consistently received high scores on our event feedback and has the highest average score of any speaker.

Description: Well I kind of like Argyle myself… ah sorry, wrong group, you guys are not interested in those sorts of patterns then? In that case, I’d better talk about my favourite design and enterprise patterns. I’ll show you what the are, what they are used for and then I’ll rustle up a coded example – just for the hell of it! If you’ve heard of design and enterprise patterns and want to find out a bit more, or if you know about them already but just want to see how someone else does it, then this talk just might float your boat.

Bio: Gary Short was employed as a canoeist, but was presumed dead after disappearing under mysterious circumstances, only to reappear 5 years later. Gary had used this time to secretly re-train as a software Jedi and now plies his trade throughout the known galaxies, where he sells his skills to the highest bidder. Outside of his dog, his laptop is his best friend; inside of his dog, it’s too dark to use it.

The event is FREE.

It is held in the Continuing Professional Development Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University on the 16th of January 2008 at 19:00.

For more information visit My Favourite Patterns on the Scottish Developers Website.


Developer! Developer! Developer! is coming to Scotland

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