Aarrgghh!! Accidentally pressing the Caps Lock key

I keep pressing the Caps Lock key accidentally. I don’t know why, but I do. I think it is the most despicable key on the keyboard, but I am not willing to go to the measures that a former colleague did. He hacked the key off his keyboard.

There are ways to get notified that the button has been pressed accidentally. In the control panel there is a setting that means that each time a “lock” key (Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock) is pressed you get notified with a beep. The setting (known as “Toggle Keys”) is part of the keyboard accessibility options.

There are two routes to the setting. The Classic route and the modern route (it depends on how you’ve got your Control Panel configured).

Modern Route

If you are taking the modern route (the default) you need to open the control panel and select “Ease of Access”

Vista Control Panel (Modern)

Then click the link that says “Change how your keyboard works”

Vista Control Panel (Modern)

Classic Route

If you are taking the classic route you need to select the “Ease of Access Center”

Vista Control Panel (Classic)

Then click the link “Make the keyboard easier to use”

Vista Control Panel (Classic)


Both routes will eventually lead to the same screen. You need to ensure that “Turn on Toggle Keys” is checked (ticked). Once the setting is turned on you can “Apply” or “Save” the settings.

Make the Keyboard Easier to Use

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  1. Sticky keys has to be the most frustrating function in Windows! You take a moment of thinking time with a key or two pressed down and wham, the caps lock and other keys take on a mind of their own.

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