Postgraduate .NET Application Development

Glasgow Caledonian University is currently developing a new Postgraduate course on .NET Application Development. This course will combine the expertise of their lecturers with the industry-standard Microsoft Official Curriculum. This course will offer a series of academic qualifications, starting with a Postgraduate Certificate and potentially leading on to a Postgraduate Diploma and an MSc, and will also provide preparation for Microsoft Certification in .NET specialist areas. A Postgraduate Certificate is likely to take 3 months of full-time study or 6 months part-time. A full MSc takes 1 calendar year of full-time study and 2 to 3 years part-time.

The university has a short survey that is designed to find out how they can best deliver this course to meet the needs of potential students. They are interested in the views of potential students, employers who wish to develop staff and employers who recruit developers. If you think the course might be of interest to you, please take a moment to answer these questions.

The survey can be found here

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