Monthly stats

I stopped posting my monthly stats because some of it was getting predictable. People seem to stumble across the same issues time and time again, although not the same person obviously. My post on Internal Error 2755 caused by Folder Encryption is consistently near the top of the list as is my post on the SqlException.Number property when a timeout occurs. In fact 7 of the top ten posts viewed in the last month were not even recent. By that I mean they were from last year or before.

So what recent stuff (i.e. stuff I posted this year) did make it in to the top ten? The first part to my introduction to LINQ to XML series, a series I’m still writing; a tip-of-the-day on constraining SQL Server memory usage which is a surprise because it has only been on for 10 days; and the second part, on getting data out of XML in my LINQ to XML series.

Outside the top ten, other recent  posts of note high up in the listings are:

I am encouraged by the popularity of my LINQ to XML series, and I’ll try to get more posts in that series up on my blog soon.

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