Oxygene talk in Dundee

Last night’s talk in Dundee on Oxygene was excellent.

My journey up was a little fraught as an accident on the A80 meant that it took me 1h15m to travel the 20 miles from Glasgow to Stirling. By that point was running late and had 45 minutes to cover the last 55 miles. In the end I arrive 15 minutes late, but that was okay because they hadn’t actually started yet.

The journey back afterwards was a bit hellish too because the rain was coming down hard and the M80 between Cumbernauld and Stirling doesn’t seem to be able to drain water quickly enough. Even reducing my speed I was aquaplaning every few hundred metres.

Anyway, Oxygene, if you don’t know, is a Object Pascal based language that targets the .NET Framework. In terms of features it contains a lot of things that would be beneficial to C# such as interface delegates, parallel coding constructs and null handling.

I will be blogging in more detail about some of these features as I plan to look further in to this language.

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