The Apple Store

For the first time ever, I bought something in the Apple Store today. Yes, that’s right, I got an iPhone recently and I love it! I feel so dirty yet soooo gooooood!!!

Earlier this evening I went along to my local Apple Store to get a car charger for my iPhone. The shopping experience has to have been the most pleasant I’ve ever experienced.

The staff were very helpful for a start. Nothing unusual about that, staff are helpful in lots of shops.

The staff were also very knowledgeable and were happy to recommend alternatives that I could not necessarily buy in the store. That is slightly unusual because normally staff are trained to ensure the customer buys from the company, not someone else’s. I liked the fact that the staff wanted to ensure that I got the product best for my needs. That is a big plus and it means I will trust them more and will seek their advice again, which obviously means more potential sales for Apple.

As it happens, I wasn’t interested in the alternatives so I did make a purchase. Now this is where it got really interesting. (At least for me, but I’m pleased with lots of simple things)

When I said that I was happy with this particular car charger and I looked over to find the cash desks the guy that was helping me simply asked if I would like to pay by cash or card. Still slightly confused by the question at this particular point, he showed me his card-swipey-machine. I caught on fairly quick and offered up my credit card. He handed me the machine like they do in restaurants and I typed my pin and handed it back.

He also asked the strangest question I’ve ever been asked (at least in this context). “Would you like me to email the receipt to <my email address>?”

Since the credit card I use on the Apple Store on-line was the same as the one I used in the physical Apple Store they matched my details and were able to email me the receipt without being hassled for my email address in the store. I like that kind of joined up system. My receipt was waiting for me when I got home. It is safely stored in my email and will not get lost, unlike other receipts.

So, credit where credit is due – Well done Apple.


  1. Betsy Weber says:

    I thought for sure you were going to say you bought a case for your iPhone! :-)Their stores are quite pleasant for shopping, aren’t they! Congrats! Bets

  2. I was going to buy a case as well, but they showed me a couple that I liked the look of and once I actually tried them out I decided I didn’t really like either of them. One just didn’t allow me to use the phone as easily, the other felt so flimsy that I doubted it would really add that much protection.They did suggest that the Apple Store online and other 3rd party websites have a larger selection, but I figured since I didn’t like the cases once I tried them, that I didn’t really want the hassle of figuring that out after I’d bought the case.

  3. Gary Short says:

    Yeah, but the iPhone still sux like a sucky thing! 🙂

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