Attendees Map

At Scottish Developers we ask for a partial postcode on our feedback forms to get an idea of how far people travel to get to our events. We’ve not really done an awful lot with this information so far, but with last Thursday’s event on ASP.NET MVC (held at Microsoft’s Edinburgh Office) getting our biggest turnout so far (49 people for an evening event) I thought it would be interesting to map out where these folk came from. Actually, while I was going through the feedback I got a feeling that many people travelled through from the west and that does seem to be true as you can see by the map. Kudos to the person who travelled from about half way up Loch Lomond – that was some trek.

And, in response to the person who wrote for event dislikes “Location: GLASGOW please” we do run lots of events in Glasgow, we’ve run many events in Glasgow and will continue to do so. We’ve run 8 events in Glasgow so far this year (9 if you include our conference, Developer Day Scotland) in comparison to just 2 in Edinburgh. We can see from the map that there were many people travelling from Glasgow to the ASP.NET MVC event and we are putting on many more events in Glasgow too. For the folk in Edinburgh who’ve been left without many events so far this year, rest assured that we are trying to remedy that and that next year we aim to put many more events on in Edinburgh – And if you know of a venue that we can use then please let me know.

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