Showing progress in the Windows 7 Taskbar

I just spotted something really cool in the Windows 7 taskbar. When you download something and minimise the download window in IE to the task bar, the button for the application will continue to show the progress and have a green bar make its way across the button.

Windows 7 taskbar

Windows 7 has some pretty cool features.


  1. Well, i was wondering how can we get that progress bar working on at windows xp??i m currently using windows xp pro at the moment and i wonder if there is a way to put that progress bar in my windows xp pro?? is there any website or anywhere on the internet i can download the application?? like exe file or zip??can you tell me about it?? cheers and thanks!!

  2. even if there was an application like that, few applications utilize this function, except win7’s ie7 & explorer… an application which simulates this function for xp would be useless

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