Recruitment Agents, eh?

Today I received an email from a recruitment agent that seems more than a little mixed up in terms of the skills required.

Dear Colin,

Are you a developer? Are you fluent in Italian? If so then I have a client that would be really interested in hearing from you.

Due to the new venture, any potential candidate would need to be an Spanish speaker ideally bilingual in Spanish. Please note the role is based in Manchester but would involve some travel to Spain.

[Emphasis mine]

In order to spare the recruiter’s blushes, I’ve removed any identifying information. Incidentally, if you are curious the pay was absolutely rubbish!


  1. barryd says:

    Nothing wrong with that, he’s wanting a native Italian speaker who is bilingual in Spanish.Mind you hunting that in Scotland where even English is a problem ….

  2. barryd says:

    No, Fluent == Interface.Errr.

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