NMA – Top interactive agencies

This years New Media Age top interactive agencies list is out. I’m quite please to see that I work for a company that is doing very well in the list.


I work for Equator which is currently the top ranking agency in Scotland, and #41 in the UK.


The bit I’d like to point out, just to blow my own trumpet, is the last paragraph:


“Key hires include Scottish Developers chairman Colin McKay [sic] as senior developer…” – NMA


  1. Chris Alcock says:

    congratulations, shame they didn’t spell your name correctly though but with the Scottish Developers link there can be no confusion. The rankings and company information (and your claim to fame) are also available online – http://top100.nma.co.uk/detail_template.php?agency_id=67&section_id=3

  2. You are not realy blowing it 🙂 Someone else is doing it for you…

  3. Barry Carr says:

    Hi Colin,I had no idea that the “media” was aware the Scottish Developers existed. You must be doing something right!CheersBarry

  4. Peter Ovilge says:

    Your wasting your talents in ‘new media’ I’d head off else where. top 1 financial turnover means nothing, and there reputation in the development world is less than desirable.

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