O2, please train your store employees

Last week I changed the tariff on my phone to better suit my usage. However, it turns out that by changing the tariff I also needed to change some settings on my phone. So, when the old tariff cut out, so did my 3G connectivity and I lost internet on my phone for a couple of days until a friend of a friend who happens to work for O2 explained what I needed to do to get it to work. Up until then, since I had made no modifications to my phone, I had be blaming O2’s network infrastructure.

Here is a summary of the tweets I made about it:

  • 4/March:
    • Don’t have a data network available. Most irritating @o2. Where’s my 3G network?
    • Still no data network. @o2 what are you doing. All the way from Glasgow to Edinburgh an no data network.
    • Made it all the way back to glasgow. Still no data network. @o2 get your shit together!
    • Woohoo! I have data back on my iPhone. But then I’m now at home connected to my wifi network. @o2 thanks for nothing!
  • 5/March:
    • Still no data network. @o2 you #FAIL big time! I’m moving to orange when I get a chance.
    • @kstenson No data network in Glasgow, in Edinburgh or points in between. Phone signal only. @o2 #FAIL
    • Got a data network back! One of @chriscanal‘s friends works for @o2 and fixed it for me
    • Turns out because I changed my tariff my connections settings also changed. But no one told me that!

O2 could have saved themselves a lot of frustration from me if their store employee had been told that the tariff also required a change in phone settings.

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