Why can't customer services actually be helpful?

I’ve noticed that when ever I have to get in touch with customer services for after sales advice then I get a really bad service. I tend to get stock answers that suggest the person who responded didn’t really read my inquiry. Often they will tell me how important I am, but that really is not the impression I get. I don’t want stock answers. I don’t want to be told how important I am when it is so obvious that it really isn’t true.

However, sometime I see examples that really make me think: Didn’t someone in management at least care enough to stop stuff like this happening.

The example I’m talking about is from Halfords. I was looking for a download of the instructions for my bike rack as I’d lost them a while ago. When I searched for them I found a forum on Halfords website attached to the product that where someone had asked that very question: “Would be it possible for you to send me a complete set of instructions for this bike rack. I have lost mine.”. Now rather than actually answer the question Halfords responded with “The Halfords Bike / Cycle carrier range are designed to be universal. The range of products will fit most cars (This carrier is not recommended for cars with spoilers) The Halfords Rear Mount 3 Cycle Carrier should fit your model of car. Halfords colleagues in any one of our stores will be able to assist you in selecting the best bike carrier for your needs and provide fitting if required

Halford's forum

Ummm… okay. That’s just paraphrasing the product description already.

Luckily, someone, another customer I presume, was at least more helpful and showed how to find the instructions on the website. More helpfully, they also included a direct link to the instructions to make it easy.

Why couldn’t Halfords have done this? Why did they think they could get away with fobbing off the customer with stock drivel?

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  1. Pomel says:

    I wonder if the first response was an automated attempt at answering the question using a key word search of the text. The only way businesses will provide better customer service is if we stop buying things from companys that provide poor customer service. The only problem is many times you have to buy something before you find out they have poor CS.

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