Table names – Singular or Plural

Earlier this morning I tweeted asking for a quick idea of whether to go with singular table names or plural table names. i.e. the difference between having a table called “Country” vs. “Countries”

Here are the very close results:

  • Singular: 8
  • Plural: 6
  • Either: 1

Why Singuar:

  • That’s how the start off life on my ER diagram
  • You don’t need to use a plural name to know a table will hold many of an item.
  • A table consists of rows of items that are singular

Why Plural:

  • It is the only choice unless you are only ever storing one row in each table.
  • because they contain multiple items
  • It contains Users
  • I think of it as a collection rather than a type/class
  • SELECT TOP 1 * FROM Customers

Why either:

  • Either works, so long as it is consistent across the entire db/app


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