1. Antonio says:

    Hi Colin,
    first sorry for my english.

    This is the only way I found to contact you.
    My problem:

    I found a project of you : ” A Simple Beep”, I don’t know if you remember it.

    In your project you can compose a song with a single line of tons.

    I’ve tryed all the time to get chord out, not single tons, like. C = 2093.
    But like: C chord is made about 3 tons, C – E- G, and I would like to get
    this: C = 2093, 2637, 3135. How cai I do that in your project???

    Pls help me it is very important.

    Best Regards


    1. I’m guessing you are referring to this article: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/7130/A-Simple-Beep-Reminiscing-about-ZX-Spectrum-audio

      No, it is not possible to produce chords using this method. The Beep method produces a single tone and blocks the current thread while it is playing the tone. You could possibly experiment using multi-threading (I’ve not tried it).

      You can also get more documentation, as the method is now part of the .NET Framework (it wasn’t when I wrote the article) from MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/4fe3hdb1.aspx

    2. Oh… and since the article was about ZX Spectrum-like audio on a PC:

      The trick the ZX Spectrum used way back in 1982 was to play very short beeps and keep changing the frequency. e.g. C for 0.01s, E for 0.01s, G for 0.01s then back to C again until say the 0.25s needed to play the note had elapsed. It sounded awful for many things, but it was passable (only just) as a chord…. kinda.

      1. Antonio says:

        do you know other method to play chord??
        I need it just to accompaniment myself.

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