Xander.PasswordValidator – WordListRegExBuilder

When word lists are processed a regular expression is built in order to quickly traverse the lists. The regular expression is built using a number of builders which create various parts of the regular expression. One for checking the password itself, and another for testing the password against the list but modified by adding a numeric suffix. You can add your own by creating your own class derived from WordListRegExBuilder and then adding it to the WordListProcessOptions.

The WordListRegExBuilder is an abstract base class and demands that the GetRegularExpression method is implemented in any concrete derived class. It also has a method called RegExEncode which takes a string and encodes it for use in a regular expression, escaping out all the special symbols used by the regular expression engine.

For example, say you want to validate the password against the list, but check also for a numeric prefix you can create a class to build that part of the regular expression. That class would look something like this:

using Xander.PasswordValidator;
namespace Xander.Demo.PasswordValidator.Web.Mvc3.Helpers
  public class NumericPrefixBuilder : WordListRegExBuilder
    public override string GetRegularExpression(string password)
      return "[0-9]" + RegExEncode(password);

And to use this in the validator, add it to the settings like this:

var settings = new PasswordValidationSettings();

The Validator will create a new instance of your class and run the GetRegularExpression method. It will then incorporate that in to the regular expression that it is building and test word lists using it.

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