What are developer forums for?

An interesting question. One that seems to have an obvious answer. But there have been a couple of people in the last week that seem to have asked a forum full of random software developers a question they should be asking their client/customer.

I’m not exactly sure why that might be, however, I can possibly guess.

A few weeks ago I asked the question Why is it so hard to hire good software developers? and my colleague also commented on the types of developer that pass through our recruitment process. After that experience I can understand that some developers might have been hired on being able to talk smooth throughout the interview process. Then they get the job and realise that they can’t actually do it. For fear of being fired they jump onto internet forums and seek any type of help they can.

Their lack of ability means that they have some difficulty in working out questions that they should already know the answer to versus questions that they really ought to be asking their client.

Lets take an example. One person was writing a tourist reservation system. He asked what should happen if a person makes a booking without going through a travel agent. This question can’t be answered on a forum for SQL Server. It can only be answered by the client or the business analyst that is liaising with the client.

The question I have to ask these people is: How would a random developer know what your business requirements are?

Another person was a bit more wide ranging in their request. They wanted to know how to develop a “real estate site”. Since the basic principle isn’t any different to any other interactive website surely they should have been asking their client what they wanted in the website.

Maybe I’m wrong in all of this, it is only my idle speculation. If you have a better idea of why some people are asking questions on forums that they should be asking their client or customer I’d like to know.


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  1. shrage says:

    Not always does a developer work for a client, sometimes they want to create an application on their own. or, sometimes this developer is just a startup and his clients are small startups that don’t have a clue about business and requirements, they just think about an idea of a reas estate site, ask their friend/developer to create the “real estate” site, and maybe promisin him to share the profit, and and so on…

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