A problem with Windows Live Writer

I have an external USB hard disk that I use to store all my documents on. I move it between my laptop and my desktop PC so that when I’m out with my laptop I still have access to all my files. And when I get back I don’t have any synchronisation issues.

However, I don’t seem to be able to tell Windows Live Writer where to save my drafts (e.g. A blog folder on my external HDD) so it all ends up in My Documents.

I don’t suppose it will be too difficult to take a USB stick and copy the posts from one to the other, but I’d rather just plug the HDD in and go.

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  1. Ben Hall says:

    You should be able to use your blog hosting as your draft folder? I know with blogger I can select “Post draft to blog” which then stores it in blogger as a draft.However, I’m not sure of a way to set a default save location.

  2. (Even though I am telling you about this, it is not officially recommended/supported by Microsoft, was not written by anyone connected with Microsoft, and has not been tested by anyone within Microsoft!)You may find this helpful:http://www.techlifeweb.com/2007/09/08/windows-live-writer-portable-20-now-with-u3/

  3. Two excellent responses.@ben I’m going to test this out in a moment. It it works I’ll use that as my solution.@joe It does seem a bit of a convoluted route, but if Ben’s idea doesn’t work out I’ll give it a try and see what it does. However, what I’d really like is to be able to specify a blogging folder somewhere.

  4. @ben Unfortunately it didn’t work out. WLW wasn’t able to get the draft version back out of SubText, it just picked up on the published stuff.

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