The Ashoka Karaoke

I wouldn’t normally review restaurants on my blog but a friend of mine has just received a lawyer’s letter about his review of a restaurant called “The Ashoka” which does karaoke and is located in Elderslie Street, Glasgow. He has currently pulled the blog post. I hope only temporarily. I have no truck with bullying letters from lawyers demanding people take down opinion pieces.

Anyway, while that review is pulled I’d like to give my opinion. I want to stress this is all my opinion and you can’t take that away from me you evil people you (See, that’s an opinion. You may or may not really be morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked; harmful; injurious; characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; or disastrous, but in my eyes you are. So there!)

We went to The Ashoka Karaoke as part of a work night out (FACT). We each paid £20 in advance for the karaoke menu(FACT).

Now, for £20, which did not including the drinks (FACT) – we had to pay extra for them and the money was taken immediately (FACT). Unlike any “normal”* restaurant (FACT). This didn’t engender a very good atmosphere (OPINION). I expect a certain quantity and quality of food for £20 (OPINION). Both were lacking (OPINION). The portions that were to be shared were quite small (OPINION). And I never saw any evidence of the pudding which I was told was part of the meal (FACT)

The illumination in the restaurant was quite dark (FACT). This meant it was difficult to determine what the dried in lumpy bits in the table cloth were (FACT). I reckon it was previous curries that had not washed out properly (OPINION).

Their website says they have won awards (FACT). It says on their home page “Ashoka restaurant was awarded the best restaurant in Scotland and awarded the best curry in Britain” (FACT). Personally, I can’t see how that could have happened (OPINION). I have been to a lot better restaurants in Scotland (OPINION) and I’ve had better curries in Britain (OPINION).

The meal was awful (OPINION) and I would NOT recommend anyone to go here unless they were almost paralytic (OPINION).


RATING: 0/10


* Normal in the sense that it would be a general expectation by all elements in that class.


  1. As long as a review doesn’t contain errors or incorrect facts and is fair then I can’t see the problem. Didn’t see your friends review but it must have been less than favourable to bring down the wrath of lawyers.Had a similar experience with Fife Chamber of Commerce a few years ago. They angled for me to take the blog post down or face their legal wrath! Instead, I corrected anything that was ambiguous or without foundation, asking them to point out anything to which they disagreed and agreed to correct anything in the blog post that was factually incorrect. The blog post remains to this day. It was interesting to see my blog post higher in the Google rankings than any chamber member’s site!!! I would have removed the blog post if it hadn’t been for the president’s bully boy tactics. Her opening conversation went along the lines of, “… we’ve consulted lawyers…”. Yeah that’s the way to get people onside and in your corner. One good thing was they offered me my membership fee back, which I asked to be given to th NSPCC in my name. Never got any thank you letter from the charity – make of that what you like!!!

  2. I don’t remember the detail of the post, and as it is now no longer available I can’t check, but I remember reading it the first time round and thinking that it was a fair and honest appraisal.

  3. Take notewhen you do not click the viewing for freinds only and commenting commercial premises and and and with a more than hundreds of previous customers i can prove there is a menu on the table asking you to order more if you need and on and on and on …… you are.Can i also say frank is behind you wrtting this blog? can you prove if he tried to stop you? 1- very stupied 2- Lacking worldly experience 3- looking for truble 4- improving your ranking 5- industrial espionage 6- wanting to tell your freinds not to go to the curry araoke restaurantthis is not the way “trust me”best complaine do not go back and tell all your friends.good luck

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