Google Maps are borked

I don’t know what is up with Google Maps, but when I looked at them earlier today they seem to be borked. Roads are incorrectly designated and rail tracks seem to be misaligned.

For example, if you know the Glasgow area you should instantly spot what is wrong with this:


For the uninitiated, there are two north-south running motorways (blue roads). There should only be one. The easterly (right) route is actually city streets for the most part and cannot be classed as a motorway. However, just drawing the route in blue wouldn’t be so bad, but they’ve actually re-numbered the route. The road should be the A77 is now the A77(M). Not much of a change I suppose, and it doesn’t seem to needlessly route people down that road. For people that don’t know the area, and are not relying on Google‘s routing capabilities, it could add significant time on to their journey, and they might be wondering why the road is not up to motorway standards.

In fact, if you look at the route’s northern terminus, it looks even crazier for a motorway – That’s one helluva bend just before the Clyde!


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