Pay Pal, How I hate thee

Why is it that every time I try and use Pay Pal I get some sort of problem. I have recently “bought” a Microsoft Optical Trackball from a seller on eBay. Not something I do often, but it seems that eBay is the only place I can get these now – and since every other pointing device I use causes me pain after a few minutes of use I must resort to eBay.

When I won the auction I attempted to pay. I managed to log in to Pay Pal with out problems this time (see a previous rant about log in problems). But, since my credit card expired since the last time I used Pay Pal it naturally wanted new card details. So I provided them. It was the same credit card account as before, but with an updated expriry date. However Pay Pal refused to accept it saying the card was already on file. Since I arrived through the eBay “Pay Now” button the work flow did not allow me to go anywhere else. I must supply a different card or nothing. No option to choose an existing card (because my only card on file has now expired, I presume) so there is no where to go.

Okay then…. I type in the pay pal URL and start from the beginning. I log in, find the card and attempt to edit it. I Update the expiry date and the CVV number and attempt to save the changes. Now, it doesn’t like my billing address. The same billing address it happily accepted when I moved house 9 months ago.

I get an error message that states:

We were unable to verify the billing address for this credit card. Please enter the address where you receive billing statements for this credit card below. Please refer to the automatic email we have sent to assist you.

The address they have on file is my address, and it is the address my credit card bill comes to.

Interestingly I’ve attempted to update the expiry date several times over the last hour and so far I’ve receved a sum total of zero emails from Pay Pal. I’ve even sent them a message to their support centre, and not even as much as a we’ve confirmation of receipt.

Was the address on file wrong? Well, appart from one comma there was no difference to the address they have an how the address is printed on my credit card statement. So, I retype the address with out the comma and it still doesn’t work.

Anyway, I’m going to have to think of other ways to pay as I don’t want the seller getting pissed off and think I’m a bad customer who won’t pay.

Why is it that every time I use Pay Pal it is a bad experience?


NOTE: This blog entry was rescued from the Google Cache. The original entry was dated Sunday 3rd June 2007.

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