Geeky Your Mom Jokes

  • Your mom is so FAT Microsoft are chasing her for a patent violation.
  • Your mom is so ugly it’s just best to forego the “V” in MVC with her.
  • Your mom is so repetitive you need an anti-spam filter to talk with her.
  • Your mom is so ugly they tried to build a wrapper around her.
  • Your mom is so ugly, you were made using .Clone() because every man threw AccesDeniedException at her.
  • Your mom’s so public that she violates encapsulation.
  • Your mom is so fat, she can do pair programming alone.
  • Your mom is so conservative that I get AccessDeniedException.
  • Your mom is so promiscuous the RIAA are suing her.
  • Your mom is so fat that she swallows all exceptions.
  • Your mom is so dumb her brain runs on compact framework.
  • Your mom is so ugly, I wouldn’t talk to her even via proxy.
  • Your mom is so disorganised she lives on a heap.
  • Your mama is so fat that figuring out when she will stop eating will solve the Halting Problem.
  • Your mama’s so ignorant, Dell outsourced all its tech support to her.
  • Your mom is so fat, she got permission to write 150 chars on twitter.
  • Your mom is so hot, they named Milf View Controller after her.
  • Your mom is so ugly, she gets her own cubicle at an open space conference.
  • your mom is so fat, she has her own extensibility model
  • Your momma is so fat i have to horizontal scroll to see all of her.
  • Your mom is so fat, you need 128 bit integers to describe her weight!
  • Your momma told me you were an unhandled exception when I was with her last night.
  • Your mama is so fat that when she stepped on the scale, it said –1.
  • Your mom is so big she needs her own namespace.
  • Your mom is so slow, I have to use Thread.Sleep(int.MaxValue) just so she can keep up.
  • Your mom is so ugly, the decorator pattern couldn’t fix it!
  • Your mom is so stupid, she’s still looking for the any key.
  • Your mom is so ugly that Bing had to start filtering out her pictures in certain countries.
  • Your mom is so promiscuous, when I tried to mount her, it said
    /dev/yourmom: device already in use
  • Your mom pours sea salt down her pants to keep the crabs fresh
  • Your mom is so fat Bloatwear is her clothing line
  • Your mom is so fat I called her and got a Stack Overflow
  • Your mom is so promiscuous, your family tree is recursive.
  • Your mom is so fat Google haven’t finished indexing her.


  1. bob dylan says:

    your mom is so stupid she thought these jokes were funny

    1. jessica sueno says:

      youre cool . go away

  2. what does the joke ‘ your mom is so fat that when she stepped on the scale it sed -1 what does this mean ?? telll me

    1. jessica sueno says:

      that person doesnt know how to tell a joke. youre probably ugly too. so stop.

  3. Colin Mackay says:

    It refers to the way computers represent numbers internally. On a standard 32 bit system an integer number can be one of roughly 4 billion possible values, representing numbers from -2billiion to +2billion (approx.). When you add 1 to the 32bit value 2147483647 instead of 2147483648 it will flip around into negative numbers (-2147483648, in fact) because it has reached the maximum possible value that can be represented that way.Some systems will detect this, some won’t. If the system doesn’t detect it it may decided it is perfectly normal for a person to weigh a negative value. Or it may detect this and replace all negative values with -1 as a simple error marker – In this case the computing capacity of a set of digital scales is probably not high enough to warrant handling this extreme edge case, so it simply displays the marker value rather than any error message.

  4. kori-jade says:

    ok first off none of these make eny sense to me wat so ever…lol….srry but they are just plain stupid….lolololol:)

    1. jessica sueno says:

      At least they know how to f***ing spell, idiot.

      1. Clareeeee says:

        Well someone’s a little P.O.ed today….. who ever pissed in you cherrioes deserves a freakin’ medal!!!! looks like they did a good job…… so why don’t you stop, go away, and go hit YOUR head off of a wall, and whatever else you said to people…..

  5. tj says:

    none of these jokes are really funny. they are stupid and i want to kick your ass!!!!

    1. jessica sueno says:

      Learn how to use the “Caps Lock” . Go hit your head on the wall. ?

  6. Shuvra says:

    What is Null Reference Exception mean

  7. All these jokes are stupid… they dont make and since at all…whats so funny about making jokes about people’s moms…?why dont they ever make them about our dads…?i really dont understand how saying that somebody’s mom is fat or ugly is really funny at all.(:just sayin(:

    1. jessica sueno says:

      gay means happy, f***ing retard.

  8. Colin Mackay says:

    Yes, I am gay. Your point is?

  9. Um…If you dont understand them, you have a very low IQ and probably shouldnt be reading the “Geeky” version of these, faggots.Yo’ mama’ so fat, when she ran away she had to use all four sides of the milk carton, bitch.

    1. jessica sueno says:

      Well no one f***ing likes you bitch. Go get a life. You’re ugly we’ve been spying on you.

  10. To the last commenter: Gosh! You are a bit of an angry person.

    1. Clareeeee says:

      haha, i know right, he thinks he’s cool…………………

  11. your comments make me feel humorized.

    1. jessica sueno says:

      you make it sound like its porn. go masturbate somewhere else.

      1. Colin Mackay says:


        You do seem to be rather an angry confrontational person. Have you considered taking some anger management or relaxation classes?

        1. Clareeeee says:

          honey, all of the accupuncture in the world wouldn’t help that b**ch

  12. daniel brown says:

    people dont think its funny because they dont know anything about comeputers

  13. Blake says:

    Jessica you sound pretty hot!

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